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The PRESS PAUSE Team currently work with several VIPs and celebrities, providing a range of services from onsite treatments to working on tour. This service is completely confidential and if required, the team can sign confidentiality statements - rest assured client confidentiality is a top priority.

Lenny-Henry Terence-Mas

"Press Pause has healing hands! I know that's a bold statement but I have had the great pleasure of working with Press Pause on several occasions and felt after each session, absolutely fantastic. Their incredibly spiritual Ayurvedic methodology really does affect your mental state - enabling you to zone out for almost the entire session. They are really good at what they do - so check them out."
Lenny Henry

"Right from the start, PRESS PAUSE was able to get to the core of my problems and handle them in such a professional way. With the stress management program I was able to do my job as a musician more freely and focus on my creative side and not on the problems at hand. Positivity is key in any field of life, business, family and friends and the PRESS PAUSE TEAM have helped me bridged the gap in those avenues and keep a level mind as well as being positive even in the hardest times."
Terence Mas - CEO ZinZan Media

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