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Ayurvedic Massage can help to:

  • Detoxify
  • Cleanse
  • Boost the
  • immune system
  • Maintains
  • Good health
  • Improve overall wellbeing

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Ayurvedic Indian head massage

Warm oil is used to massage into the scalp and hair. The massage stimulates the scalp, nourishes the hair roots and hair, relieves mental fatigue, help enhances mental clarity and focus, and balances mind, body and soul. Traditional oils for this purpose have beneficial herbal extracts combined with base oil for added benefit. Brahmi is famous in Ayurveda, it can help improve focus and calm the mind, promote a better quality of sleep, enhance memory, balance emotions and help withstand the effects of day-to-day stress.

All oils used in the Ayurvedic treatments are supplied by Pukka Herbs, a divine range of organic ayurvedic body care to help you feel your best.


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