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Nursing Homes & Care Centres:

Show you care about your residents... let the PRESS PAUSE Team work with you to help provide the ultimate care experience.


"The elderly clients at the day centre have benifited in many ways from the head hand and neck massage- many have very little physical contact these days and have found that the gentle massage that is offered to them very relaxing and soothing - these sessions have proved to be so popular that now they are a regular and integral part of the therapy that is on offer to increase the general sence of well being of our clients.Our clients really welcome the opportunity to have some special time just devoted to them. "
Cheryl Maxwell-Albert Road Day Care Centre

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Nursing Homes & Care Centres

Massage can benefit everyone; you're never too old for a massage!

Aching hips and knees, frozen shoulders and sore backs can happen at any age so don't feel you have to suffer in silence because it's "old age".

Clients waiting for joint replacements have found massage very beneficial in reducing pain while they wait for operations (please seek approval from your GP first).

The PRESS PAUSE Team are already working with various nursing homes and day care centres for the elderly.

Whatever your requirements, our PRESS PAUSE Team can create the right package for you.

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