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Whatever your requirements, the PRESS PAUSE Team can create the right package for you.


"My Shoulders, arms, and neck are constantly in use and under stress. Massage, especially the ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ that PRESS PAUSE offers is one of the best ways to relax and relieve tension in over stressed muscles especially when I can have one on a regular basis."

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Massage for Disabilities/Stress Disorders

Living with a disability of any kind can be stressful in its own right

Therapeutic Massage has been shown to have powerful preventative and restorative effects on the human body. The main purpose of relaxation massage is to soothe the nervous system and help ease repetitive stress on the muscles. This allows the body to rest and repair physically and emotionally. Massage also triggers the release of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals, providing an extra boost just when you need it.

People with multiple disabilities may not be able to express their feeling in a conventional way. Pain and anger can be expressed through body language and challenging behaviour. Aromatherapy and massage offers enormous benefits to people with learning disabilities but must be undertaken carefully so as not to exacerbate existing medical conditions.

Incorporating aromatherapy into each session can help increase the level of relaxation the person will experience. Most people discover an essential oil that pleases them and provides them with a sense of wellbeing.

Whatever your requirements, the PRESS PAUSE Team can create the right package for you.

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