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Ayurvedic Massage can help to:

  • Detoxify
  • Cleanse
  • Boost the
  • immune system
  • Maintains
  • Good health
  • Improve overall wellbeing

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An individually prepared herbal oil massage

Traditionally, abhyanga massage is performed in the morning, to clarify the mind and stimulate the client for the day. The massage commences with an Ayurvedic Indian Head massage with the client in a seated position followed by the client laying down on a massage bed. The therapist pours warmed and specially formulated oil liberally over the clients body. Sesame and coconut oils are commonly used, along with an assortment of herbs based on the clients Dosha. The oil is allowed to soak in for several minutes before the massage therapist begins, using rhythmic, gentle strokes with the whole palm.

Abhyanga massage differs from many Western massage techniques in that it is not deep. It is meant to nourish the body with touch and rich oil, and while it certainly promotes healthy circulation and and joints, it does not deeply penetrate the soft tissues of the body.

An abhyanga massage can last up to an hour. After the massage is over, the client is encouraged to shower to take a steamy bath to encourage absorption of the oil. A regular routine of abhyanga massage can be very beneficial for the skin.

All oils used in the Ayurvedic treatments are supplied by Pukka Herbs, a divine range of organic ayurvedic body care to help you feel your best.


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